A downloadable game for Windows

As the New Year is approaches and the air thickens with Christmas spirit

The Evil Ghost awakens

And he has just ONE query

"Wanna sprite cranberry?"


Ranked 1st in "BEST GAME by Host's choice" of the "Scream Season" jam of 2018


Oh yes, this one was tough. My first 3D game I actually built! It's rather a silly joke than a game but I decided that it might fit into the theme. Sorry if not! 

Q:  What? Why?

A: The answer is clear


ThirstiestTimeOfTheYear_0.0.4.rar 123 MB

Development log


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what do i open this file in? i cant figure it out

Lakh'broan Jahmes 馃槀馃槀

it doesnt download i open it and it closes

This game was fun and frustrating to play 馃槶

lakh broan jahmes


the game is funny and scary

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Played your game in this video.

Pretty decent. Couldn't really play it because my computer is not made for gaming, but pretty good. 6/10


came here from YuB and CoryX mother frickin Kenshin

Epic game, not gonna lie, it freaked me out also, I am laughing because of the punch XD

this game is epic, not gunna lie

Cool game though,i like the concept of lebron james being the antagonist.Cool game.

lol,more funny than scary.

lEbrOn JAmEs!!!!.....This game scared the crap out of me

Did a 3 Random Games Vid, Still new to youtube plz support much appreciated :)

Video starts at 7:37. What can I say? It's an extremely short parody funny horror game! Didn't know what to expect when I jumped in it but it was fun experience none the less, not much to say aside from, do you want a sprite cranberry? 

This Game has some Janky controls but as soon as you get it to work it is fantastic!! really Funny but it needs polish. Was this meant to be a triple A Game? NO so it is worth a good laugh!!

its not working


can u play this on chromebook?


You want to play this on a chromebook?


Wanna sprite cranberry?




I wish this was on Mac

me tooo

how do you snt know how to play lol im the only one that doe

i lock myself up in a room every single day and wonder why i love this quote on quote game so much


Can you get this on mac

Its the first bit of the video. Make me a meme plz lol!

https://www.twitch.tv/videos/904771383 I got the first world record speedrun

Deleted post


plz make it run better i get 3 fps.  STOP BEING A FAT BULLY TO US WHO HAVE SHITTY CHROMEBOO

I have a gaming pc and get the same frame rate as you

This wasn't the best horror game but it was for sure one of the funniest lol!!!

was funny and pretty fun to play. overall great game! 

i was looking for this game it's so funny

the game is good yes really good i liked it pretty spooky too

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I got over the wall in the gated house.

Really funny game - had lots of laughs
Deleted 141 days ago

Low end pc :)

Deleted 141 days ago


Deleted 141 days ago
Deleted 141 days ago

I skipped like a few dialogs because i went to the kitchen instantly by accident and it triggered a different dialog. If you know what i mean. Great game, hopefully i wont get copyrighted lmao. 

This was the greatest short game I've ever played.

Simply put, we need more of this game, especially in these troubling times.

There's so much more that could be put into a game like this, so please, consider revisiting this game.

Finally got to play the game. Had a lot of fun playing. 
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