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I can’t play

this game is so damn fun

bro i cant play the game

thirstiest game of the year

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game of the year


how do you get in?


Yeah how do you get in?


amazing game


for some reason i downloaded the game and opened with firefox and it wouldn't load up so i could not play the game

dude this is sick!!!  keep up the great work


its fun

Why does it go with opera browser and how do you play because I CAN'T GET IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am back with this game again!

This time, I made the playthrough better than last time!

i cant play

its glitchy my youtubers computer is better 

Try playing it on a lower quality setting.


how to download and play?


it doesn't give me the right thing to play 


please help m


Download 7-zip

what tat

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what dis do?

It allows you to play the game.

how to open doors? i can't open doors or interact with objects

Press E


Egy igazán értékes játékkal álltok szemben



Yes I would like a sprite cranberry! Not a right hook! 

it doesent work -_-

Try downloading winRar or 7-zip to extract the file.

hello I was in a while back and I saw this game and I thought I had found the sequel but I didn't have enough space on my computer at the time but now I cant find it did this game ever have a sequel if so where do I find it it was titled thirstiest day or something like that

Lmao this game was very creative and I enjoyed it a lot!!


LeBron sure knows how to ruin my Christmas! Included this game as part of my 5 Christmas Horror Nights series!

...i want a sprite cranberry 

Not sure what happened here... but yeah... thanks for the experience  : }
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One of the best Meme games on this platform! Hilarious gameplay and it actually jumpscared me...           (/// ̄  ̄///) 

Checkout The Gameplay!! 

This game is the biggest meme I've ever... well... played.

Lebron James would be proud

What a fun and quirky game! Now I want a Sprite Cranberry. Would recommend playing. 

Imagine dieing 3 times in this game hahahahah couldn't be me  ':D any wayssss heres my playthrough if you're interested it starts at 18:20! Thank you!! 

lol love this game 



awesome game!


Hilariously dumb 😂😂😂

To be fair anyone even if it's a celebrity if they go knocking on my door just to offer me a soft drink would scare the hell out of me

Раньше фульф был лучше 


Raise your hand if you remember the day CoryxKenshin made a video on this

i   do it was so fun 


VERY HILARIOUS GAME! Lebrone Jahamez is scary AF! Here's my playthrough if you want to see a grown man scream!
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Bro I just finished this game yesterday and its so freaking funny!

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